Tent by tent by a Nordic tipi wherever you looked

A tent – the secret lies in the fireplace, the shape, the feeling. A tent is more than meets the eye –unique and warm. Provides protection and fellowship. An employee understood this during a tent fair.

“Once, there was work at a tent fair with tents of different sizes and brands gathered on a field. The day became long with a lot of people watching and talking.

It is not possible to leave a tent fair unattended. There were many of us who would sleep in the area. The evening came, raw and chilly. Everyone was supposed to sleep in their own tents, but the gathering place was in the heat of the Nordic tipi with the stove and reindeer hide.

Then I understood what a tent from Tentipi is: More than a shelter, more than a place to sleep. It is a place where you thrive, where you gather around the fireplace, get to know each other and socialize. It's more than a tent – it's a Nordic tipi. More than meets the eye.”

Employee at Tentipi


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