Sustainable, versatile and flexible party tent gives many possibilities

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Versatile and sustainable party tents for big and small events. Functions and features which work in several combinations. Lots of possibilities.

The party tents, Event Nordic tipis, can be combined to each other and with features to give closeness to nature under a protective tent canvas. Raise the walls to get a widened view to the surroundings. Connect several Nordic tipis to get a larger covered area for gathering. Vary with WallFlex, windows for view under a tent roof.

The party tents fit in different contexts. They are built so that you can use the same parts in several designs.

Attractive additional space – think Tentipi tent

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Generous, genuine fellowship place

Festival for people from far away


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Invite wedding guests to dazzling bridal splendor


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Supper with socializing


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Creating closeness close to nature

Photos © Elite tents

Here is where to buy and rent party tents, Event Nordic tipis

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