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We are convinced that the material we use for our tent poles is the very best this planet can offer: one-hundred-year-old, late-maturing Spruce poles from the forests of northern Sweden. They grow straight, are unusually light and at the same time very strong. Much of the unique character and charm of the Nordic Tipi can be put down to these poles which moreover have a long life-span.

In the northern hemisphere, the frame of the original Sami nomadic dwelling was made out of wooden poles. In our efforts to use innovative ideas to develop the traditional “kåta” so as to meet the needs of modern people, we have been careful to retain certain features so as to create a practical and genuine tent with lots of atmosphere. One of these features is the wooden poles. They have always comprised the rustic frame of our Classic and Event Nordic Tipis – with or without ingenious systems of fittings – and wear and age only increase their charm and patina even more.

The poles used for Tentipi’s Nordic Tipis are made out of a very special type of Spruce tree found in the forests of northern Scandinavia and which only grows in very specific conditions, affected by latitude, height above sea level, etc. In this cool, harsh climate, the forest grows very slowly. Moreover, if the Spruce trees stand very close to each other or are shadowed by larger trees, their growth is suppressed and the year rings are often so close together that it is hard to count them without a magnifying glass. A centenarian tree of this sort may have a diameter of only 10 centimetres at its root. The trees grow to be straight and they narrow off slowly. Since only the tops of the trees get sufficient light, the lower branches fall off. Knots in timber normally constitute weak points but in the timber we use, only a few knots form and they are small in size.

All in all, this makes for extremely strong, compact, light and durable timber of the very best quality and with the correct, natural type of narrowing off. This is why our poles can withstand a lot of stress, as has been proven by the durability tests we have had done at a testing institute*. Without these unique qualities, the poles would have to be thicker to withstand harsh weather and other strains which would mean they would be too heavy to handle without machine power.

However, it is not so easy to find the right trees. Before the big forestry companies do their final felling in a forest, small forestry entrepreneurs go out in winter and manually harvest this “gold” for Tentipi. Suitable centenarian trees are carefully selected, felled, debranched and then pulled away with a snowmobile. This is a job that cannot be done on a large scale.

The special characteristics of late-maturing spruce mean that the poles last for a long time without impregnation. This results in a completely toxin-free natural product with no negative impact on mankind nor the environment. This is completely in line with the ancient, natural lifestyle that our Nordic Tipis are so intimately associated with.

*We commissioned a Swedish research institute to perform tests on our poles to establish their durability and, sure enough, it was proven to be much better than that of corresponding, fast-growing trees. This result has been used as the basis for the structural calculations done by an engineering company with specialist knowledge of the design of large tents.