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Policy – Processing of Personal Data


Your personal integrity is important to us at Tentipi AB. We want you to know how we use your personal information and what rights you have.


What are personal data?

Personal data is all information that may be directly or indirectly linked to you as a person.

Tentipi AB processes data such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail.


Your personal information is safe with us

  • Tentipi AB handles your personal information in a legal, correct and transparent manner.
  • We have routines for managing your personal information safely. Our security systems are developed with your integrity in focus and to a great extent protect against intrusion, destruction and other changes that could endanger your privacy.


We are simple and clear how we handle your personal information

  • You are entitled to know what personal data we process and for what purposes.


How is my information used?

Tentipi AB uses the data we collect for the following purposes:

  • customer support
  • product improvement
  • future product development
  • newsletter and marketing


How long will my data be saved?

Personal data is stored for as long as there is reason for us to keep them. There are laws that require us to save customer info for a certain period of time.


Personal information we share with other recipients

In order to deliver our services, it is sometimes necessary that we share personal information with companies within the Tentipi organization or suppliers who work on our behalf.

We have the same demands on the privacy and security of our partners as if we processed the data ourselves. As a customer, we always respond to the handling of your personal data.


Your rights

You are entitled to know if your personal data is processed by Tentipi AB and, if so, get a summary of where they are stored and what information is stored. You also have the right to change incorrect information or delete them in some cases.


How do I delete personal information from Tentipi and what are the consequences?

You can always send an email to and request that your data be changed or deleted. Please note, however, that if you delete your personal data, Tentipi will not be able to provide you with full service and you are responsible for keeping your receipt, serial number and other information that is linked to your orders.


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