It's time for warmth and fellowship around a fire in the tent

Tent with light, heat and fellowship around an open fire or stove. Cosy, warmth and friends in the winter cold.

Imagine being able to sit on an animal hide by the fire, cuddle after the day and warm with family and friends, inside the tent in protection from the weather and wind. This is possible when the tent is spacious and has a shape that makes the ventilation work by natural draft.
Scandinavian nomads, the Sami, have lived in and moved their tents all year round and the condition for them to be able to live in this type of home is that it was possible to light a fire in the middle of the tent. It is thanks to the shape and ventilation that it works.

light a fire inside the tent

Nowadays options to the fireplace of stones

Hekla is a firebox where an open fire lights up and warms. The cooking can be done inside the tent and the fellowship around the open fire makes both body and soul happy. Hekla firebox is available in two sizes. Read more about Hekla at

Hekla 7 and 30 for fire and warmth inside the Tentipi tentHekla 30 with Firebox stand and BBQ grate from Tentipi

Hekla for heat and food in the tent with wood fire

Eldfell is a stove made of stainless steel and with a chimney that you assemble to the length you need. In order for the tent fabric to remain intact, there is an insulating tube as protection. The heat rises in the tent, but you need a few lanterns to get light when you fire in a stove. Read more about Eldfell at

Eldfell wood stove for heat and cooking inside Tentipi tentEldfell for warmth and cooking food inside your tent


fire for warmth inside your tent from TentipiCook food and coffee inside the tent from TentipiInvite your friends to be cosy and warm in the tent. The fire in the middle of the tent and the stories that flow give you a nice experience. And distance can be kept when you are some friends in a tent. There is air for everyone.