How do you heat a tent in the winter?

A hot tent with a stove in the middle of the tent makes it comfortable at winter camping and gives off warmth and nice heat. With our stove Eldfell you enhance the experience of winter camping.

A stove heats the tent while you make a fire in it and as long as there are embers left. When you have a solid bed of embers, you can add as coarse logs as possible, at least two. These burn less hot, but for longer than leaner wood. The heavier the types of wood used, the longer they burn. Examples of slightly heavier wood are birch, elm, ash, beech and maple.

To get an even night temperature, you can appoint a fireguard who feeds more wood into the stove during the night, but a warm and lovely sleeping bag is a complement.

A tent with an inner tent provides an insulating effect because the air gap between the inner tent and the outer tent retains the heat inside the tent and distributes it more evenly.

Heat a tent from Tentipi by using a stove or an open fire inside the tent. A stove produces less smoke, eliminates the risk of sparks and requires a smaller amount of supply air, which has a positive effect on the heat in the tent. Regardless of the form in which you make the fire, you have to keep an eye on it, so that comfort remains without compromising safety.

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Eldfell for varme och mat i talt vedeldadPhoto of Safir 9 cp above by Lina Flodins

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