Hot tent winter camping

Winter camping in a hot tent. Camping with stove to be comfortable and warm in the tent in winter.

The Sami's traditional home is a tent with good ventilation and made for use with a fireplace in the middle. The Nordic tipi is a modern tent that borrows the design from these tents, but is made using today's methods.

Winter camping in a hot tent, a Nordic tipi, provides increased comfort both for sleeping and with plenty of space to sit around the fire and socialise.

The ventilation is regulated from the inside in a Nordic tipi. Air enters at the bottom of the tent and exits through the adjustable cap at the top. When using a stove, however, the chimney should protrude through the chimney opening and the ventilator cap should be closed.

Protect the tent fabric from the hot chimney. For Eldfell, a Tentipi stove, there is an insulation pipe that is placed around the chimney to prevent damage to the fabric.

Handling a hot tent safely is the basis for winter camping. A hot tent with a stove and a sleeping bag, to keep the temperature while you sleep, gives you sweet dreams and adds energy for the day's adventures.

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Eldfell for varme och mat i talt vedeldadPhoto of Safir 9 cp above by Lina Flodins

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In the Tentipi range there is also Tentipi Circular – left-over materials are turned into new products and second-hand tents are given a new life.