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Design features

A chain is only as strong as
its weakest link. This concept
applies to factors that affect
safety, strength and
ventilation in tent design.

Many other tent designs use a wall-connected framework that can crack in strong winds or if people stumble into it. We avoid these risks. Our Nordic tipis have a central pole that lifts up the top of the tent. Every seam in the fabric then contributes to a strong but still flexible framework when the fabric is secured to the tent pegs. Normally, the worst thing that can happen is that a tent peg comes loose. And that is much easier to fix than a broken pole in a dome tent.

All our single-pole Nordic tipis are designed so that you can sit round an open fire inside. Even the smallest lightweight ones let you do this. They have much better ventilation than you find in other tents. Better still, in most models, this ventilation has a patented In-Tent Vent™ system so that the top ventilator opening can be adjusted for size and direction from inside the Nordic tipi. Convenience is a priority. The adjustable tent peg fixings also make all the Tentipi Adventure tipis easy to use in snow or sand.

What mainly distinguishes our different styles from each other is the type of materials, and the details. These affect the weight, comfort, lifespan and price. Our aim is to give you the choice of price and performance that you need.

Tentipi® Adventure tipis are designed for year-round use, but, as with all tents, you must clean snow from them continuously to maintain their design performance.

When using an open fire, please respect local restrictions.


Design features and fabrics

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