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Design features

A chain is only as strong as
its weakest link. This concept
applies to factors that affect
safety, strength and
ventilation in tent design.

Our Adventure tipis have a five-piece, triple-strength alloy pole, and use the very best of 21st century material technology. As a result you have all-weather performance, supported by powerful ground straps, the strongest storm cord fastenings in the tent market, and tent pegs of super-hardened aluminium. Most importantly, you have a choice of fabrics to match your needs and budget.

If you want to cross Antarctica, survey a glacier or trek in the High Atlas you can have the best possible materials on the planet to match your extreme requirements. If your plans are less demanding but you still want strength and durability allied to light weight, we have the materials for this, too. The Tentipi company is based near the Arctic Circle. In winter, it can be -45ºC, and +30ºC in summer. We're surrounded by mountains, swamps, rivers and forests.

We understand the elements, and we respect them. We understand the widest range of outdoor lifestyles, and we satisfy them.

Tentipi® Adventure tipis are designed for year-round use, but, as with all tents, you must clean snow from them continuously to maintain their design performance.

When using an open fire, please respect local restrictions.


Design features and fabrics

Find out what makes our Adventure Nordic tipis so special.

Read our fire safety document

Learn how to use fire safely in our Nordic tipis.

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