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165x165 Amy Collins

Amy Collins

Business Manager

Amy helped to establish one of the first UK Nordic Tipi rental businesses, with experience in the field as well as in the office. Since then Amy has helped introduce Tentipi to customers in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and other regions. She is passionate about the Tentipi brand and loves sharing her wealth of knowledge with customers.


Ed Wright

Ed Wright

Managing Director

Ed was one of the first to start a Nordic Tipi rental business in the UK. He managed its growth for 10 years before selling it on. Alongside that he also introduced sales of our Event Tents in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and USA. Ed now directs operations in these countries as well as the UK. Ed is always happy to help advise customers on getting the most from their investment and is always delighted to share his experiences.


165x165 David McLaren

David McLaren 

Global Operations Manager

With a background in operations & logistics, David has detailed knowledge of our products.  Managing our warehouses, stock levels and international shipping he is the perfect person to ensure our customers get the right products, at the right time, to the right place. Customers can tap into his wealth of knowledge when planning an investment in Nordic Tipis.


Jon Parr

Jon Parr

Projects Manager

Jon founded the world's first full-time rental business using Nordic Tipis and grew it steadily for 8 years before selling it on. He wrote our Self Paced Training Programme and much of our other documentation, developed our website and has been responsible for many developments of new products and techniques.