It's strange not to go to work as usual, but these are also unusual times. What a great opportunity it is to be able to work from home and have contact with colleagues and the outside world anyway, despite everything that happens ...

But that's the thing about never getting out of work when it is on the kitchen table, constantly having work-related material around me and not being free without checking the e-mail and Skype to see if someone has searched for me or something has happened. It would be nice to have a space for work and one for leisure. The lunch in the middle of the job is no longer fun.

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How lucky I am to work for Tentipi, the world's leading manufacturer of Nordic tipis, the tent type used by nomads since way back! Now my home office is out in the garden in the form of a Safir 9. There are both connections to the internet and power from the house. It becomes an office where the air never goes out of me.

What a psychological difference to walk the few meters to the tent and get into the outdoor office to work. When I then take a break and rest I come out in the middle of the garden environment, the fresh breeze and the sunshine. The body and the brain realize that it is a break, that the break means rest and that the work can wait. A bonus is that all blocks, pens, computer and cables get away from the kitchen table.

A nice working environment. The opportunity to go to work at home but away. The office where a mug of tea is always close. There are benefits to arranging a home office and maybe I want to use it one day a week even in the future. The future will show.

Hemmakontor v lkommen in 20200407 150048 webb Hemmakontor med datorn klar 20200407 150427 webb Ulrika glas gonbl nk 20200407 154345 webb

Ulrika Clewemar, Text editor, Tentipi, Sunne, Sweden

Read more about the tent where the air never goes out of you – Safir 9 of Tentipi

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