It’s not every day that we get an email from a customer to tell us they’ve created a film about why they love Tentipi, but that’s exactly what landed in our inbox last month.

Tipi Unique’s owners and managers, Karen and Mat, decided that while making a film for their new website they wanted to capture some footage discussing Tentipi products and the role that we play in their business.

Based in North West UK, award winning Tipi Unique provide authentic Nordic tipis for over 100 weddings and events each year. Karen and Mat, along with their close team of experienced staff, are passionate about “nurturing dreams and bringing customers’ visions to life and looking at their glowing testimonials you don’t have to take their word for it.

When we spoke with Karen recently she told us “Tentipi was for us the only choice… the service and quality of tipis has far exceeded our expectations and continues to do so”.

Receiving such glowing endorsement from such a dedicated and enthusiastic team means a huge amount to us.

Many thanks to Karen, Mat and team for creating this film.

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